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The Encore Project is all about...

Engaging, Edifying & Energizing Churches for Christ 

Neo-Retro music ("Contemporary" of the last 50 years) 
Communication (In Culture, Community & Church)
Opportunities to Minister Love & Grace in Song & Word
Refreshing & Renewal (Daring to Dream Again!)
Enjoying Making Music with & for Friends

Encore is committed to making this ministry accessible to churches and Christian groups. Financial remuneration is NOT a priority. They will come for an offering or just for the joy of making music and expressing love for God and others. The Encore Collective is a ministry of Encore Productions in collaboration with EncoreSong.

Encore Productions:

Diverse Ministry Arts that provide music, concerts, consulting and leadership development in the creative use of the arts to engage, edify and energize culture for Christ. Coming soon: VocalX - A Capella singers exploring the outer reaches of the God-created human voice. More projects are planned in many styles and formats.


Music publishing, providing custom-made compositions and arrangements for Christian artists, groups, praise teams, choirs and orchestras. Many of the songs performed by The Encore Collective will soon be available for purchase in this website's store.

Encore Concerts:

Enjoy a timely message for churches and Christians presented in creative, yet familiar (even nostalgic), music and humor. Contact Terry Gold for more information and booking.

Terry Gold, Director/Producer

4823 Pennington Meadows Circle

Rock Hill, SC 29732

[email protected]



Instrumentalists Needed:

Rhythm Guitarist

Lead Guitarist


Trombone, Sax/Flute

Sound Engineer Needed:

Good musical ear, know sound equipment ("geek out" on tek) and able to get studio quality blend,  This a once or twice per month, mostly volunteer (fun) gig.