We've Got Unfinished Business

Stylistic Stuff

Encore is not opposed to any style of music. However, we have to adhere to some basic criteria for repertoire. In order to appeal to a broader audience, Encore performs contemporary Christian music, mostly written and performed in the last 50 years. Encore also performs patriotic songs for community events.

Creative Collective

For now, Director/Producer Terry Gold arranges and writes songs for Encore. Other members of Encore and even guest composers and arrangers outside of Encore may provide material. If you write or arrange, here is your chance. Key to Encore's uniqueness is the fusion of great songs (old & new) with a variety of styles (rock, pop, jazz, Latin, etc.) and creative arranging.

Check Your Calendars

To pursue excellence in any artistic endeavor takes time. However, Encore will do everything possible to make this journey "do-able." Concerts will mostly occur on weekends, but may happen at other times. The members will have to compare schedules to determine what is "doable." If there is enough interest in Encore, some sort of "platooning" of personnel (even establishing two groups) is possible. Also..., you can be a part of Encore and still work full time.

Location, Location, Location

After the initial Encore group is recruited, a centralized rehearsal location will be found to make commutes as fair as possible for everyone.

What's in It for Me?

Encore is an "avocation" (hobby, pastime) with potential to open up doors to much more. For now, the point is not to make money, but HAVE FUN!
We will rehearse, travel and perform together because we LOVE IT! 
If Encore is paid for an engagement, and there will be those times, the members of Encore split the after-expenses funds.
Encore is also a way to demonstrate your ability for JOB-HUNTING.